Propel your Marine Vessels with Used Marine Diesel Engines and Save Yourself Maintenance and Fuel Costs

Used marine diesel engines

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a vacation in your Tug boat, fishing vessels, sports-fishers, personal yachts, or cruise ships only to have a mechanical issue pop up. Please don’t freak out, though; propel them back to life with our range of high-quality, thoroughly tested, and inspected used marine diesel engines. Most marine vessels use diesel engines as the main propulsion for propellers, generators, or auxiliary equipment.

They are available in different models, mainly in 200-2000 HP. They come in different physical states and have various applications and power settings. Some are purchased from oversupply, so they are still new. Others are slightly used and only need some little care. And the rest are overused and need an overhaul. Because they have fewer service needs, their operating and maintenance cost is low. We do a thorough check and test on them and provide you with accurate, detailed information about each item with the help of video or additional images to be aware of the actual machine you will get.

You can also choose fully rebuilt motors or spare parts for your machine. SKL, Detroit Diesel, Twin Disc, Deutz, MAK, Allison Advance, SKL, and MWM, and brands like Cummins, MTU Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, DAF, MAN, Scania, and Volvo Penta provide remarkable reliability and durability that will surpass your expectations for decades.

Used marine diesel engines

Features and benefits

Our used marine diesel engines are economical, safe, and clean, and produce less or no noise. They have water-cooled exhaust systems -water is the best coolant for a motor. When the parts are exposed to very high temperatures because of burning fuel, they fail- water coolant guarantees protection against extreme temperatures, corrosion, and rust.

Water cooling improves mechanical durability, lengthens the turbocharger’s life, and enables the engine metals to retain their mechanical properties.

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