The Best Second Hand Mini Buses to Buy

second hand mini buses

If you want to purchase second hand mini buses, ensure you get them from a credible dealer. They refurbish and sell them in good conditions. It is also good to understand basic mechanics as it will help you select an excellent minibus. There are very many minibus models to choose from, as listed below.

second hand mini buses

Popular Used Mini Buses for Sale

Ford Transit Euro 6

It is a Class 6 emission, manual transmission minibus made in 2021. The diesel engine has 170HP, a 1998cc engine displacement, and can accommodate 2194 kgs.

The new Ford minibus model is unique from other models, thanks to the improved performance. With a total of 4 doors, this Ford Transit model can space for 18 passengers at a go.

Other specifications include an ABS, cruise control, Airco and a board computer.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 CDI

It is the newest model among the Mercedes-Benz minibusses. Manufactured in 2019, the minibus is a Euro 6 emission class with automatic transition and a 516 CDI engine. It runs on a diesel 2200 cc engine, which produces 160HP.

The Sprinter has a leaf/leaf suspension and 2 axles (4×2 configurations). It has an Airco, an emergency hammer, an intercom and an overhead luggage compartment. Other features include Webasto, board computer, ABS and cruise control.

Of the second hand mini buses for sale, it carries 21 passengers, which is the largest so far.

Van Hool A308

Van Hool produces one of the most spacious mini buses in the market. The A308 model is a Euro 3 emission class manufactured in 2004. It has an automatic 6870 cc transmission engine running on diesel.

The A308 can carry a maximum of 14800kg and is by far the biggest mini bus in size. The total passenger space is 18.

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