Used marine diesel engines

Used marine diesel engines

 Product description

Used marine diesel engines’ are ‘used before in various applications on a vessel.’ Most of these machines have water-cooled exhaust systems. Some of them are used for propulsion, which is why they are called ‘marine’.

Some of the machines are old but untouched and only need maintenance. Others are overused and need an overhaul. The pool trading company does an idle test run with all the engines and make a video to show their clients the real condition of the engines. If the condition does not impress the client, they find an alternative solution like making it better or replacing the engine.

The pool trading company warehouse has stock consisting of hundreds of used engines, generators and gearboxes. They have thousands of used, reconditioned or new spare parts.

Used marine diesel engines

Experience with the product

Used marine diesel engines are ”efficient” at partial load than steam turbines. They have more speed than any other ‘fossil-fueled plants.’ The main disadvantage is that it is expensive in both manufacturing and maintenance. The strict requirements of the ‘international agreement’ have an ecological incompatibility on its exhaust, making it expensive.

 Customers who purchased machines from pool trading company, claim that each engine or gearbox, is inspected systematically, and they do repairs of their products in their workshop. Their team members are highly dedicated, skilled and motivated to ensure the excellent running of the pieces of equipment. The company exports the engines outside, and their customer service provides technical and practical advice on their product.

 Pool Trading Company knows about purchasing and selling used generators and engines, gearboxes, and parts. They help clients get the right machine at the right price.

 Diesel provides better fuel economy; however, these marine diesel engines emit high levels of pollutants.

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